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Ok, need somebody smarter than me here. Acquired a JEM90HAM and somebody had botched the wiring.

I disassembled the entire electronics cavity and started over. I would up using the schematic I have attached. I have rechecked all my wiring at least 6 times now and resoldered all grounds. I used the existing VLX91 switch and existing pots.

The setup is: 1- neck, 2 -split neck & middle, 3 -both humbuckers, 4-middle and split bridge 5- bridge.

I get quite a bit of hum in every position except for position 3 (both humbucker together) and then it's almost dead silent.

This VLX switch I assume is original (22 years old)....could this be my culprit? If so, what switch should I get as a replacement?

Have no idea what to do besides order all new parts at this time.


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