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Hiya guys,

I know it's been a while since I have been here; Running the business is taking up almost every waking hour, and has done for a long time.

I have tried in vain to get things going for Jemfest UK; but my schedule and location (away from london now) means that putting things into motion are proving extrememly difficult.

I would therefore appeal to any of you UK jemsite types, especially someone with some time and a lot of motivation to grab the bull by the horns and see if we can get something sorted.

I will lend as much help and time as i can. PA and engineer are sorted; plus anything more my experience of helping Simon out on previous Jemfests can help with. I'm sure Simon will chip in his $0.02 too.

So if somebody out there can get it started, I'm sure we can get Jemfest UK 2006 sorted!

Drop me a line on [email protected]


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Well, as I am reverting to studentdom and if there are enough helping hands and pointers I may well find myself inclined to do some organising ;)

First off though, how many people want a Jemfest UK? How many people would be up for it?


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Well i deffinatly would like to see this happen. I'm not exactly sure of what Jemfest actually is, but as it's guitar related i'm interested :-D. I'm sure with enough advertising in guitar shops and websites, enough people would turn up.

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Hell yeah!! Although try to keep it in the middle of the country so that it ain't just a southerners' ball please :D!!
No offence I'd say that it's the opposite. We need to make this based in London. It would be great to have this on everyones doorstep but the reality of the situation is, it needs to be in a good location otherwise people won't go. And the more confirmed numbers in advance then the bigger reality is that it will happen. The event needs to break even in order for it to work with all extra going to charity.

And if I can travel down from Glasgow and people came from Germany, Spain Ireland and America if others won't go because it's too much effort on their part then that's up to them.


With London you have the obvious
Better night life, restraunts pubs etc
More decent bands would like(ly) to get on the bill due to the amount of rock folk down there.
It is easy to get to.
London is also good for people wanting to go site seeing etc as opposed to some awful hotel in the outskirts of Manchester where there's nothing else to do but the Fest. Remember for some the 'Fest' lasts all weekend so.....decent drinking places or alternate things to do are preferable by Sunday your all guitar'd out.

Trust me it can happen.

I'd love to organise it but honestly I don't think I could.


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London is the best place to have Jemfest in the UK

1. lots of great venues
2. lots of attractions whether sight-seeing or drinking
3. it has the international draw...

USA-Rob Balducci 2002 and 2003
Germany-Ricky Garcia 2002
Italy-Francesco Fareri 2002
Spain-Tony Hernando 2003
Sweden-Stefan Lindholm 2003
Ireland-Alan Lennon 2003

People attending Jemfest have come from all over England, Wales, Scotland, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, Italy, France

If you want it on your doorstep then ask the Jemfest USA guys if you can use the name and then organise it on your doorstep!
Be prepared to use 100% of your free time on it for months on end and lay out over 1000 quid of your own money to put it on :)
If you have a successful Jemfest you will make this back and more for children's charities!
You also need to have a bunch of close guitar buddies you can rely on for help, 5-6 is good.

Dont forget to have all your music contacts so you can get international artists and that way get people through the door!!

That way Jemfest Wigan or Jemfest Tipton can be a success ;)
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