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Jemsite Gear Review Database Opening & Giveaways

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Jemsite Guitar & Gear Review Database & Giveway Details

I am proud to announce the enhancement of Jemsite.com with a comprehensive product "Review Database". We've all read "product reviews" online where more often than not they provide comedy relief instead of being useful helpful. Now it's time to put an end to that :)

The new Guitar & Gear Review Database integrates completely with the jemsite forum and your username, stats, permissions are seemlessly merged. People reading reviews will see your forum identity and it's history. Want to add a new product? Want to add a review and your opinion on a guitar? Now you can.

Another cool feature is that the Review Database is Google/Yahoo search engine friendly. This way your effort of posting reviews and opions can be found worldwide even to people unfamiliar with jemsite (don't fault them!!!). You can search the Review Database by name, category, brand, keywords and much more.

Here's how the Reviews will works...

You can see a bunch of products (guitar, pedal, amp, etc) in the database now. All members can add a review when browsing a product by clicking the Post a Review. For an item to be reviewed (and is called a "product") it must be in the Review Database. That is no problem, as all forum members can add new products if they don't already exist. Obviously, at first alot of products must be added!

For example if you don't see an RG520 in the Ibanez 6-string guitar category, just click the Upload Products link then quickly choose it's category and input the info. You can also upload photos! You can then IMMEDIATELY write a review and RATING for that "product" by clicking Post a Review. Over time the products will be double-checked, additional info added and/or corrections made to make an accurate catalog.

Please note when "Uploading Products" to input your REVIEW AFTER the upload.

As an added incentive to get some reviews up in a hurry, I will giveaway a few prizes to randomly selected reviews (***). The more "reviews" you add, the greater your chance to win! The top 5 overall reviewers will get a "Site Contributor" membership for 6 months (or if you are an existing subscriber you get an extension!).

(*** Reviews subject to "approval" & must have some commentary not just point/click reviews. No vendors/sponsors, one prize per person/household, blah, blah, blah, etc. :) )

Prizes include
* Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer pedal - courtesy of Matt's Music
One winner (if they prefer can substitute a PD7 bass overdrive or SH7 seventh heaven instead!)

* 10 pack of D'Addario strings. - courtesy of Eric's Guitars
One winner can choose ONE of the following: EXL110, 110+, 115, 120, 120+, 125, 130, 130+, 140 or 145s.

* The Generation Ibanez Project CD - courtesy of Jemsite.com
Several winners

* Kit of fretboard oil, guitar polish and microfiber polish cloths - courtesy of Eric's Guitars
Five sets to 5 winners.


Check it out the review database here:

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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