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last night on ppv was the second meeting of jermain taylor vs. bernard hopkins.

what a fight it was to. jermain was able to complete shut down bernard's game plan. it was a pure boxing event with each boxer trying to outsmart and outdefend the other.

in the end, jermain taylor was victorious in retaining the undisputed, unified middleweight championship.

all 3 judges gave taylor every round except 3 if memory serves me.

i have seen all of taylors televised fights and truely believe he will be "ali of our generation"

after all, taylor did what no other could do (and he did it twice) outsmart, outdefend and ultimately defeat one of the best boxers ever to grace the ring.

well worth the 50 dollar ppv price.

on a side note, bernard hinted at retirement during the post fight interview and did not really make excuses or say that he was "robbed" as he did after the first fight.
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