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Joe Satriani Alternate Picking ?!?!

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people say hes a shred head... but the only "shred" ive heard him play is probably legato, and the occasional arpeggio (mystical potato head groove thing). is there any songs/videos in which he alternate picks? (or as most teenage guitar playing wannabes would say, Shreds?)

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I agree with Euph.

Satch has got some nice picking runs but it's not really his style to pick blisteringly ala Paul Gilbert.

PG for me is all about the picking, baby. I really enjoy trying to play it at home and I own most of his instructional DVDs (they're my favourites) but when it comes to music like melody and overall sound, I'd rather look to Satch.

I love Satch's legato runs in Mystical Potatohead and many other tracks...

However, I wouldn't mind him chucking a few hard-hitting picking phrases in his music now and then...there's an idea Joe! :wink:

Ps: Change it up Joe! :)
Twoos, they are 2 artists in their own right, recording material that they want to record.

It's not a sport or a competition.
1 - 2 of 83 Posts
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