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Joe Satriani Alternate Picking ?!?!

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people say hes a shred head... but the only "shred" ive heard him play is probably legato, and the occasional arpeggio (mystical potato head groove thing). is there any songs/videos in which he alternate picks? (or as most teenage guitar playing wannabes would say, Shreds?)

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Theres parts of his song "Crushing Day" which has alternate picking in it during some scale runs, but most of satch's stuff is legato rather than alternate.

A few years back someone accused me of having "Satriani syndrome" because my alternate picking wasn't that great compared to my legato lol.

Then again im sure Satch is great at it, he probably just prefers the feel of his legato.
Better is subjective, i dont think anyone can beat satch's phrasing.

His legato stuff on the Crystal planet album was all pretty hot, that was only like 1998 i think.

Listen to Time, last time i saw him live he still nailed all the legato, i wouldnt call it shoddy ;)
yea i've seen some vids from Terrifying guitar trip on youtube.

Looks a cool vid.

I have to agree on Super Collosal tho, i havent been a massive fan of that album.
Check John Petrucci's Rock Discipline, that has some good alternate picking exercises.
There's also a very cool alternate picking part in that solo. The "Live in San Francisco" version is awesome! 8O
Ya i got that DVD at home, its awesome :)

I saw him do the same set at Newcastle City hall.
ah you wont regret it man, i've seen him twice now, once for Engines of Creation and once for Strange Beautiful Music.

Mind blowing both times. Looking forward for G3 to come over here tho.
G3 came over here!! last month was it? in glasgow?
Ah turd, i thought it was september or something, i havent looked for a while :(
Yeah, Brett is just amazing all round, but somehow he is quite overlooked. Isn't that always the problem? So many people get hooked on the "big name" players and rarely dig deeper, but when they do they often see guitar players who outclass them in almost every area, then they wonder what the fuss was all about with the players who are getting the most attention.

Does it sound like I'm complaining?


I get tired of seeing the best (IMO) players being ignored.
Technical ability and compositional ability dont always go hand in hand, thats why ;)

I've seen players who technically could blow players like satch and vai out of the water, but couldnt write a decent song for toffee.
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