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Joe Satriani Alternate Picking ?!?!

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people say hes a shred head... but the only "shred" ive heard him play is probably legato, and the occasional arpeggio (mystical potato head groove thing). is there any songs/videos in which he alternate picks? (or as most teenage guitar playing wannabes would say, Shreds?)

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Listen to Time, last time i saw him live he still nailed all the legato, i wouldnt call it shoddy ;)
There's also a very cool alternate picking part in that solo. The "Live in San Francisco" version is awesome! 8O
I saw him do the same set at Newcastle City hall.
I still haven't seen him live because he hasn't come within 300 miles of me. Next time I'll just have to take a little road trip. :p
I was enjoying this thread and then it just kinda turned sour, didn't it?
Nah, it's not sour. Just protecting Satch from silly attacks.
That wasn't directed at you Euphor. I like Satch too. I was talking about the negativity of some of the previous posts.
1 - 4 of 83 Posts
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