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Joe Satriani Alternate Picking ?!?!

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people say hes a shred head... but the only "shred" ive heard him play is probably legato, and the occasional arpeggio (mystical potato head groove thing). is there any songs/videos in which he alternate picks? (or as most teenage guitar playing wannabes would say, Shreds?)

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This was probably already said but Satch does a great alternate pick run of the G Minor Scale in different positions during the solo in "Crushing Day". I'm working on getting it up to speed right now actually.
easier and better? do you have a source that supports this opinion of yours
No, because its an OPINION. dosnt need sources ya fool.
No, because its an OPINION. dosnt need sources ya fool.
No need to call anyone a fool. ;)

Legato is probably initially easier to pick up the basics of since it doesn't require the left hand/right hand coordination, but partly because of that it's at least no easier and arguably harder (since you can't fall back on one hand's back-and forth motion to lock into a groove) to really master. Really smooth, even, and fluid legato playing is just as hard to do as really clean, accurate alternate picking at a given speed.
81 - 83 of 83 Posts
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