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Joe Satriani - God Is Crying (lead guitar)

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In this song by Joe Satriani (
) he has a absolutely great lead tone, but I'm not talking about the distortion or the wah... After listening in headphones I heard that while the 'dry' guitar signal is punching in the middle, you've got a sub-octave panned left and a higher octave right. Sounds very, very tasty! :) At first I believed he recorded multiple tracks but I'm not so sure about that because they sound almost to tight you know. So I guess he's using some kind of effect... Could it be the POG? I'm not sure if the POG does panning though...?

Of course, he might just have addded this stuff in the studio as well... But I don't know, anyone got any ideas?
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I've seen in a guitar rig rundown of his wormhole wizards world tour that he's using a proctavia for some songs (super colossal as far as I remember), in this video he might use some harmonizer of the whammy pedal.
You may find some info there:

By the way the sound is definitely gorgeous on that song!
most probably the JS2400 with the Moe Joe and the Pro Track, check a live version of the song on youtube to see which pup he uses on the parts of the song.
But most of all this will be far fro m close to have the exact sound Joe has on the song, he may have used a totally different guitar with an amp which is not his JVM signature and the sound engineer surely added some patches we have no clue of...

Bottom line: search for your own tone, not another one. But you may base yourself on some parts of the signal chain which the sound you want to obtain require if you know it.
I love Satch and SV tones, I've an EVO2 and Paf Joe inone RG550 but I' not able to get either Satch or SV tones and I don't want to have their tones, but I really love the pups tones on my axe!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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