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Joe Satriani - Stripped x 3?

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Anyone know if this is available anywhere? I just found out about it and I think they are sold out at the moment...

Joe Satriani - discography > stripped x three
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I was wondering the same thing. Can’t find it to stream or download, and the physical USB is sold out everywhere. Has anyone uploaded it anywhere? Or has one to sell? So frustrating it’s not been put on iTunes or something like Vai does with his Naked tracks.
The only Stripped tracks I can find are the SWTA ones. There was 3 cd’s worth of backing tracks from newer albums released on a USB stick, but none of these seem to be available unfortunately. I want things like Nineteen Eighty, Premonition, Littleworth Lane etc...

I’m hoping someone will be kind enough to upload them somewhere if they’re not going to be released officially. Seems a bit of a strange to not make them more widely available. Maybe they’ll release a second batch so I’ll be able to buy one!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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