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Joe Satriani - Stripped x 3?

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Anyone know if this is available anywhere? I just found out about it and I think they are sold out at the moment...

Joe Satriani - discography > stripped x three
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Satriani is pretty tight on his material... Years ago there were lot of backing tracks for his music on guitarbackintrack.com, (some good/some bad) but he made them take them down. The "stripped" backing tracks are on youtube now, but no download links:

I used to use youtube downloaders, but they are risky with malware and viruses, etc.. I wouldn't know which ones to trust. I'd rather pay Joe for the tracks, but there are no download links or anything under the videos.
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I know what you mean, would be nice to get the set. Premonition is one I like to jam with, but not too fond of the weird little solo... Would be nice to have the stripped track and butcher it with my own wankery solo... lol.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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