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Hello all,
once again I am asking you for some opinions. With your help, I have at home "new" RG570ex, which was treted well and I would like to buy to this baby some cool pickups. Idecided not to buy actives. I wanted to have this guitar bit more universal, but at the end, I guess I end with some higher output pups in both humbucker position.

The bridge could be possibly GFS Crunchy Rails, which is a substitution for X2N, I believe and big question is the neck humbucker. I would like to have something ok for cleaner stuff, but also rock, metal. Prefering more highs and mids, but need the "roundy" tone. If you listen to the solo of Drudkh: Only the Wind Remembers My Name you can hear that ooooo roundy sound with some notes. I am pretty sure it is some neck humbucker (maybe in alder wood though, not sure).

What pup would give me a similar tone? Also what single coil could be fine for cleans, blues/jazz stuff?

Maybe something like GFS VEH or Fat Pat could give me that. I know those should be clones of famous pups with almost identical sound and are cheap (some purists here will probably spit on them).

Here is the example on the, specially, creme guitar.

What do you think?
Thanks a lot.
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