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JS 1000 or JEM 77FP

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ok, i have to choose between keeping my JS 1000 or selling it and (with a bit of added money) getting a floral JEM! im kinda in two minds about it and would like some input from you people, also how much would i get for a mint conditioned JS1000 black?
This is just questioning wether i want to or not yet so i wont be doing anything rash!
Cheers Dave
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i already have a 7v but i do prefer it and find it a lot easier (for me) to play, my js has a great neck (probably one of the best ive played) but cannot compare visually, this is were im stuck at! i am a little upset at having to sell it to get it but the only other option ive got is too sell other guitars that mean a lot more too me which im not entirly happy with, i also wonder which one sounds better have any of you got both of them that you could give me a good sound comparison? if you have id be greatfull to know, i think the 7v may sound a little different to the fp?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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