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Js 700 bridge question

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Hi folks,
I am interested in perhaps purchasing a used JS 700. However, the pictures I have seen of the guitars I am thinking of buying show the bridge to be slightly angled so that the treble side is closer to the neck. This is what I see on Les Pauls and such. However, the pictures from the Ibanez website and catalog show the bridge to be straight across.

Can anyone who actually has one tell me whether the bridge is straight across or is angled?

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Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I like the look of the straight across bridge but I feared there might be intonation issues. I was hoping perhaps there was enough adjustment in the bridge to make it work.

Rich has it been your experience that the straight across bridges won't intonate?
Thanks for the reply. In which condition would the bridge on a JS700 have been put on in the wrong place? Which is correct, straight across or angled?

To put it another way, do the JS700s that have the bridge straight across suffer from intonation issues? I am sure it varies from guitar to guitar, but I was wondering if I should look for ones that are angled or ones that are straight if I want a fully functional JS700?

Sorry for being dense if I have missed the answer.
I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to provide replies.
Thanks for the info gents.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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