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JS Guitar Specs - Anniversary/Collector Models

Ibanez JS Guitar Specifications

JS Anniversary/Collector Models

Color Chrome Blue/Purple/Green Clear Chrome Aluminum
Body Luthite Basswood Acrylic Basswood w/ thin Aluminum coat
Pickup Color Black Chrome Clear Chrome
Knobs Chrome Barrel Clear flat barrel Chrome Barrel
High-Pass Filter Yes
Coil Tap Yes Yes & Phase switch
Inlays Pearl Dot 12th fret offset abalone dot & 90th inlaySilver foil dot w/ CP inlay at 12th Abalone Dot
Fretboard Multi-Radiused Rosewood Multi-Radiused Ebony Multi-Radiused Rosewood Multi-Radiused Rosewood
Fretwire N/A
Hardware Chrome Violet chrome Chrome
Pickups Dimarzio PAF Pro (neck) Dimarzio Fred (bridge) Dimarzio PAF Joe (neck) Dimarzio Fred (bridge)
Tremelo Edge Edge or LoPro Lo-Pro Edge (original)
Years '98 2000 2005
Quantity 504+ 352 200 60
Manufacture Made in Japan
NotesSatch's 10th year of working with IbanezColor changing finishClear Acrylic body $5329.99
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