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Hey everyone! I’m new here so please don’t kill me over my lack of knowledge lol. I recently picked up a mint 03 white JS100 with a PAF Pro and a FRED pickups. The previous owner also removed the toggle switch and push/pull pot and added a standard 500k tone pot and 6 way ‘click’ style pickup selector in place of the toggle switch using a 1-10 speed style knob, kinda nifty. It also came with an Ibanez hard case like the JS1000, I paid $275.

Since I got a great deal and have never owned a guitar with a Floyd Rose type setup (a few Gibson LP’s, an SG, 3 Strats, a Tele, and two Hollowbodies) I decided to step it up a notch and configure it closer to a JS1000.

I picked up a complete and great condition Cosmo Black original Edge with the bar, springs, screws, locking nut, string retainer etc for $125 on eBay. The only thing it didn’t come with is the bushings/posts (which I read makes a significant difference). I also got a set of Gotoh Cosmo Black tuners for $32, metal Cosmo Black pickup rings and strap buttons for $15, an awesome unserialized North Hollywood beefy neck plate/screws/spacer for $45, and some Cosmo Black Gotoh knobs for $10. Needless to say I’m very happy, especially since the neck keeps me familiar with my Strats.

Now the questions. From reading tons of awesome info on this forum over the last few weeks I know the Edge will drop right in or at most need a little material shaved off the inside of the body cavity, however I can’t seem to locate the proper locking bushings/anchors/studs or whatever they might be to save my life. I guess the old ones have to be removed and the cavity has to be tapped to 11mm or something? That’s easy for me to do but I have no idea where to obtain the parts. Any help?

Question 2: is it possible to add the high pass filter to the volume pot like the 1000? Not sure if the guys mod will accept that now, but if so I’d like to add it. And where would I get one at?

Question 3: I have a spare KGC big brass claw that I’m going to use in place of the chinsy stamped one, but I also wanted to add one of the brass blocks. I’ll probably stick with 1/2” thickness but I have no idea what height to choose. Any ideas?

4th and final question. The Hollow Point intonation system seems to make intonations much quicker for the FR and variants. Does anyone have any input on that? And is it a direct fit to the Edge?

Sorry about all of the questions and thanks so much for the help!!!


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