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JS1000 w Heavy Gauge (13.) strings?

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Hey folks,

well, i love my white JS1000 and play it with pleasure. but since im jazzin more around (got also an archtop) and still able to bend strings and make a good vibrato technique with 13. (maybe 12.) gauge strings i would like to equip my JS1000 with those kind of strings. i just love the feelin of those fat strings, and also the sound. my question is (ok, i'll probably change the floyd rose to a fixed floyd, only have to find a dealer for that kind in germany): will the JS manage the bigger tension on the neck. is it in case kind of dangerous for the stability of the guitar? or is it simply a question of the bridge (e.g. a fixed floyd).

thank you,
... of course, afterwards i have to re-make the string-action.

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Exactly what was said above. You'll be able to do it, the guitar will be able to handle it but some aspects of the feel will change with the additional spring added and you'll need to tweak some action, neck bow, and intonation to get it playing it's best.
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