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Hi all,
i win today the #129 JS10th on ****, It's like new, never played, but i would to know before pay if the guitar is stolen or not... I will only pay it 1100 GBP... Someone can help me? Thanks...

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I am sorry to have to say but I feel this is a scam!!!
I have reported this to **** - I asked the seller for pictures and when they were sent I realised I had seen the exact same pictures before on a previous listing!!!
I could be wrong but a JS10th in this condition at this price with a private auction is too dodgy.
I hope you have not parted with any money yet - but if it is genuine then you have got one hell of a guitar!!!

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I recieve this mail just after the ending

Subject: **** Transaction #4740744591 confirmed!


Thank you for contacting ****'s Customer Support team!

*Per your request, we have verified all the details of this transaction. We concluded that they are accurate. Please follow our instructions*to complete the transaction safely.
**** Transaction #*********** confirmed!

Current status: Payment pending*

Transaction details:

Item name:
Item #: 4740744591
Item price: GBP*1016.00
Shipping: Ready to ship
Payment: Pending

•*Complete your **** transaction in 5 easy steps:

**** accepts the transaction and offers purchase protection to the buyer (if the transaction is declined, no further action is required from either the buyer or the seller);
The buyer sends payment and the seller receives it. After the payment was received, the seller must notify ****. Buyer will send the payment details directly to the seller email address. The seller has three business days to send the buyer and **** the tracking number of the shipment. If no tracking number is provided, a full refund is immediately sent to the buyer;
Buyer receives the merchandise and has five days to inspect it. If it is complete and as described, the buyer should accept the merchandise. If he refuses the merchandise, the buyer must ship the merchandise back to the seller within three business days.
After the inspection period is over, the buyer must contact **** with the result of the inspection. If the buyer refuses the merchandise, the refund will be sent to the buyer after the tracking number for the returned shipment is verified.

• The following item(s) are protected in this **** transaction:
***Item number: 4740744591

•*Payment must be sent by MoneyGram*Wire Transfer to:

• Seller's verified payment address:

Seller verified*name:
James Banson

Seller verified*address:

**********, Cornwall,TR7 3LQ United Kingdom

• Buyer's shipping address:

Buyer verified*name: Philippe QUILLAT

Buyer verified*address:


• Date of verification:*********************************26/ 06 / 2005
• Transaction number:*******************************4740744591
• Amount insured:**************************************GBP 1016.00
• Payment must be sent by:********************** Money Gram Transfer

• Next step to be taken: The buyer must send the payment to the seller

It is recommended to send the payment as soon as possible, because your purchase protection is valid for 30 days only. Sending the payment by any other method of payment will void this transaction and your right to refund.

• Payment instructions:

To submit the payment with*MoneyGram Money Transfer :

*Pay for the transfer with cash at a local*MoneyGram agent. Click here to locate the agents in your area http://www.moneygram.com/servlet/De...eb.xsl&URL=/Apps/AgentLocator/AgentSearch.jsp. Go to one of them and send the payment to the verified name of the seller, available in USA.

MoneyGram*Money Transfer is the only service that has ultimate authentication of the identity of the receiver of funds. Several IDs and utility bills are required before the funds are paid. Therefore, no one else but your seller can pick up the money. Your payments cannot be lost in the mail, like money orders or checks.

However, MoneyGram Money Transfer is designed mainly for sending cash to friends and family in need, so telling them you are sending the money to an **** seller will prevent your money transfer to go through and you will be unable to complete this transaction.

• Once the payment was sent, email the seller the following information:

1.*8 digit Reference*#*(Transfer Number):
2. Exact sender's name on file with MoneyGram:
3. Your street address on file with MoneyGram:
4. City and country where you sent the money from:
5. Amount sent:

Then wait for the confirmation the payment was received. Within 3 business days, you will receive the tracking number for your merchandise.

• Purchase protection and refund:

Currently, this seller has a*US $20,000.00 deposit in an **** managed purchase protection account.

Transactions with this **** seller are covered by purchase protection against fraud and description errors. For your safety, this account was locked today, for 90 days time period. The seller is unable to withdraw any money from it, within this period.

Should you need a refund for this transaction, the insured amount will be taken from the seller's purchase protection account and sent to you. The refund is sent to your bank account, or by check or money order. The way you are refunded is at your choice. You have 90 days from the above verification date to request a refund. Refund requests are processed within 3 days.

The account is managed by ****'s SquareTrade center. This transaction is supervised by ****'s SafeHarbor team.

• Conditions to be met before you may ask for a refund:

Here are the situations suitable for a refund request:

1. If the item doesn't arrive and/or the seller stops communications after the payment was received;

2. If the merchandise you receive has different specifications than the ones you agreed on;

3. If your merchandise arrives in a much longer period than the one you agreed on (more than 15 days from the payment clearance day);

For cases 2. and 3. you have to send back the merchandise to the seller prior to ask for your* refund. If you did not pay the seller by payment method required by us, your refund request will be declined.

• Important Usage Guidelines:

1. The contact information should only be used for resolving matters related to ****. Any other use is strictly prohibited.
2. This transaction is protected by **** services such as insurance, feedback and dispute resolution.
3. You may buy and sell with confidence in all transactions with this **** member.
4. Should you need to dispute this transaction, keep the transaction number at hand when contacting ****. Any complaints must be filed within 90 days from the verification date.

This e-mail message was sent to you from **** SafeHarbor team, with the full support of the SquareTrade center.

As outlined in our User Agreement, **** will periodically send you information about site changes and enhancements. Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.

Copyright © 2005 **** Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

********************* and the **** logo are trademarks of **** Inc.***************


So? what do you think of this?

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Sorry but still think this is a definate scam!!!!

I have been sent many supposed emails from **** but they have been scams!!

This seller had zero feedback. We have a saying in the UK if it smells like **it, looks like **it, then it probably is **it!!!!

Ask yourself a mint condition Chromeboy for £1016 - don't think so my friend.

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i agree with you, that why i ask here, i send the copy of the mail at thje security center of **** to confirm or not if they sent this.

The best way could be if the real owner of the #129 talk to me!

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I think this is the best policy. I am sure **** will confirm the email you have received is not genuine. I can't remember but I think the pictures of this guitar have been used in a previous **** scam. These people really are scum!!!. Rich at Ibanez Rules has a really good section on **** scams. I suggest anyone who is thinking of buying from **** look this up. I know **** gets a bad press but I have bought many items from **** and have never been stitched up although I have come close!!!!

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no one keeps 20k in a "managed purchase protection account." whatever that is ;)

tell the buyer you'll pay airfare to come pick it up and make arrangements to meet them at a local airport.... have some fun with this one

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Yea, my daughter in laws father was looking at a Harley from Italy. Supposedly got one of these letters from **** verifying the seller was in good standing and he should complete the purchase [off **** LOL]. Yea right, the letters were forged crap from real **** notices. It's so easy to do. Take any **** notice, forward it, now retype in any field exactly what you want to say. Instant **** notice. ;)
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