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JS1200 or JEM77BRMR? not a poll, a personal question

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Hey guys

Time for a new guitar soon. (soon is a relative word)
I was thinking something like a JS1200 (killer looks and supposed to sound awesome) or a JEM77BRMR (also really killer looks, and breed pups too).
The problem is, I live in Sweden, and I haven't seen a single JS(over 100) here. At least not in Stockholm. But I've played the JEM7DBK (something like that, the one with breed pups and the weird black finish + mirror pickguard)
I got a RG1570 with evos on it, and though that one's basswood and the 7VWH is alder it still would feel sort of buying something with the same sound.
I've got a bit tired of the evos now. I guess i haven't found any real kickass amp to play it in, that's why i've gotten tired of it.
Okay, back to topic..

I haven't really played a JS, i only kind of ASSUME they are good, from what I've read here (yes, i mean good for my playing, not just overall good ;) ).
But I don't really dare to take that chance, that i might not like it.
But as i said earlier, I've played the JEM7DBK, which also is a breed JEM, and taking a guess that the neck is somewhat alike the 77BRMR one, and all the JEM I've played have felt really good.
I would like to hear comments from people who got either a JS1200 or a JEM77BRMR, and give me the pros and cons.
And comparing the sound maybe.. And try to convince me that the JS/JEM sounds better/badder so i can decide if it's better to wait for a JS to sow up or go for something i know is really good, but don't know how the one compared to it is at all!

Sorry if there's bad grammar somewhere, i totally stopped talking to all the international MSN buddies sometime before summer, so i haven't really been an active english-speaker ( <---- Oh my god! that sounds completely horrible! i just can't come up with something better!)


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Well - I dont have either, but I've played both. For me the JS just doesnt have the playability that the Jem has. Something about the neck. But then again, I am used to playing Jems so maybe that's it. The JS DO have very nice tone, but so does the Jem.

Get the JEM;)
Heh, i'd figure you saying that (by the name ;))
Yeah, the JS doesn't have the all-access neck, if I'm right..
But let's say i buy the JEM (no dammit, I'm absolutey not convinced yet! try harder), do you think i can achieve some tiny tiny fragment of that killer JS tone in the 1570 if i change the pups to a FRED and a Paf Joe? Please, tell me that's possible, i would love to have both :D ( with one really lacking the looks though)

Correct the JS does not have the AANJ - but that wasn't what I was talking about. It just has different neck specs and I don't like the feel as much. Again, maybe just because I'm more used to the feel of Jem necks. As far as getting the tone - they both have Basswood bodies w/rosewood boards so a switch round of pups should do the trick. But the breeds are pretty sweet pups as well. If you played the Dbk and liked it you should like the BRMR as well. I think its the same neck. A bit thinner than other Jems.

Get the Jem:lol:
Okay, i guess you got me ;)
Fabio said:
Okay, i guess you got me ;)
It's the only logical choice.....or your too easy:lol:
I'd choose both alternatives ;)
the js plays like a super strat . The neck is compound radius so the lower frets fell a little more rounded like a strat and the higher frets feel more like a traditional ibanez.

I played the js and fell in love myself. I played a jem777 at the same store, and didn't like it too much but i have since gotten into liking a bit thicker neck.

I dont know the specs for the bad horsie guitar, i am assuming that they are the same as a standard jem, and the jem's neck is i belive fairly close to the wizard 2 , which you can find on all the rg models below presitige
I will pick the Jem any day over a JS, but the JS1200 is alot cheaper
I haven't played a REAL Jem (555) 'cause the local dealer only has them for 'special order'. Luckily they have a JS. They had the 1000 in stock, but not the 1200. They're both the same except for the neck pickup, colour, hardware. It was THE best guitar I've ever played. The neck, the shape, and most importantly, the SOUND. It was just friggin' awesome. I became a PAF Pro fan ever since then. ;)
Kamikaze_1 said:
I haven't played a REAL Jem (555) 'cause the local dealer only has them for 'special order'.
Ah hem.....a 555 is NOT a real Jem...there is no comparision between the two as far a playability goes. Not a fair comparision to a JS.

You REALLY need to play a JEM:D

Then I'd like to see your opinion bro;)
I didn't really like the JS i tried. It didn't suit me at all. It was more of a blues guitar then a metal guitar (which is what i play). It's like a lower output pickup and such.

I'd go for the Jem, just because i found the JS harder to play with (bigger neck, less frets, etc).
I have a JS1200 and it is awesome. The tone is perfect and my fingers just fly on the fretboard. I can play Eruption 10x easier than on my ESP DV8-R. You'll most likely love it and it is cheaper. And it can be a great metal guitar, just have a good amount of distortion :-/

Not saying the JEM is bad though, if you have the money than go for it.
No contest IMHO- go for the JEM. Both are great guitars, though and you can't go wrong with either.
A JS neck is similar in some specs to a vintage'y strat, but slightly more shred-able. You will find it to have a rounder radius, be narrower and beefier than an RG neck. Go to a local store and play, say, a reissue strat. If you like how it plays, I would recommend the JS. The pickups can always be changed if needed, and you will have more variety between an RG1570 and a JS than betwen an RG1570 and a Jem.

Just my 0.02PLN
JJEMMER777 said:
Ah hem.....a 555 is NOT a real Jem...there is no comparision between the two as far a playability goes. Not a fair comparision to a JS.

You REALLY need to play a JEM:D

Then I'd like to see your opinion bro;)
Ahem, they only have the REAL Jems on special order. That means for them to order even one it, I'd have to buy it, and they're not exactly cheap, are they? ;)
Kamikaze_1 said:
they're not exactly cheap, are they? ;)
Ah hem......I wouldn't know:lol:

Serously though - there's NO place out the...no music store, pawn show or anywhere you can get your paws on a Jem??

That kinda bites!
I owned a brand new JS1000, but I kept going back to My RG570 (Wizard II) and RGR570 (Reverse headstocked SuperWizard). The neck feel on a JS is very different than general RG based guitars:
-The Multiradius neck (not Compound fretboard, you don't get that on production JS's) is thicker in the lower register and flatter in the high register.
-The radius of the freatboard is a lot smaller on JS (250mm) compared to RG (400-430mm), resulting in a much rounder freatboard on the JS and a much flatter one on the RG's/Jems.

I just couldn't get used to the neck of the JS, wich is much more like a fender strat. I felt like my hand was backed to fit an RG neck. I just got a JEM7DBK in stead (still have to post pics). This one has a unique neck among JEMS, it's alot like a SuperWizard, wich means it is flatter and more D shaped in stead of C shaped compared to the Wizard II.

Genreally due to this smaller fretboard radius on a js, you can't get action as low as on a flatter freatboard radius because choking of bent string will kick in faster.

As for the pickups, the Fred has considerable less output than a breed and certainly an evolution.

So sound in combination with neck-feel, you might be in for a real surprise when you buy a JS1200 (at least I was). so my advice since you own an RG now : don't buy a JS before you've played one !
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I think the 2 guitars, particulaly the necks, are so different that you really have to try them both to make a decision that is right for you

I used to have a DBK, and thought it was great. I've tried a JS1200 in a store and I loved that too. If I had to choose now I'd probably go for the JS
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