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Hi guys,

I recently treated myself to a JS2450, and have inspected it for surface flaws etc. All good. And I'm quite meticulous. (I already knew about the paint lines on these and mine seems pretty fortunate here.)

It actually plays well, out of the box. No buzzing and action is nice. Certainly, I had no issues with it.

However, as I was putting it away I noticed that it has what appears to be a little brass shim under the locking nut, at the high E string side.

I was wondering... Is this normal for a Prestige line signature guitar, to come out of the factory with a shim? Surely one would expect something to be made with precision at this price point?

Was just wondering if it's worth griping over or if it's one of those things you see from time to time?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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