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JSX in San Jose, CA?

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Anybody know where I can try a JSX in the San Jose California region? Anybody own one that I can come over and jam on one for a bit or know of a store? I'm in the market for pickin one up I think but I sorta wanna jam on it a bit to make sure I like it first. Thanks

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Try the Peavey website Dealer Locator. Punch in your zip code and you'll have the dealers listed.
the only 2 shops that carry peavey in my area don't have it in stock and the others that might have it are more than 90 minutes away from me. Just seeing if anyone had bought it in my area or something. Oh well couldn't hurt to ask... thanks anyways.
Heeey man....I am a proud owner of a JSX Top.
90 minutes away is nothing....try it....You´ll like it :D
Skips Music in Modesto has a head in stock as of 2 days ago. 89 minutes away.... ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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