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Hello all.

I am not new to guitar at all. I used to muck around a lot with Floyd Equipped guitars when I was much younger.

Back then I fell in love with the RG350DX. Love the white, the fact it didn't have a handle. It was a dream to play, however the Edge 3 tremolo (and the precursor) Was the main reason I did not purchase it.

Fast forward a decade and I discovered that the RG350DXZ has the new Edge Zero II tremolo. I used to have an S470 with the first Zero tremolo and really thought it was a fantastic bit of kit.

I have managed to purchase a second hand RG350DXZ, it is in almost mint condition. I am to collect it on Thursday of this week. I have read up on the shortcomings of the zinc baseplate and Intonation screws, is there an easy way to tell if the screws or plate are stripped without working on the guitar? A photo would be great if needed!

In addition, are there any mods I can perform to the tremolo like installing a drop in heavier block?

I am very excited, but also quite nervous because of the amount of stories on this trem.



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If a screw has stripped out of the baseplate then the guitar cannot be intonated because you won't be able to lock the saddle in the correct position, so a saddle will be loose.

Look, these things are often overstated because some people are hamfisted morons and overtighten small screws which then snap or strip, I often see locknuts dramatically overtightened crushing the strings and grooving the nuts. If the trem isn't damaged then it will work reliably, if it's already correctly intonated then as long as you don't change string gauge then you shouldn't need to touch the saddles at all.

Competent guitar players don't necessarily make competent guitar techs, it takes mechanical sympathy and practice to get good at tech work.

Enjoy your guitar and don't fiddle with the trem if you're happy with the setup, it's very tricky to make a good setup even better without some fretwork first.
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