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Hey folks,

After many years' listening to the great man's music, I finally realised one of my dreams last night and saw Paco de Lucia live in Edinburgh. Despite a poor quality sound, the gig was absolutely breathtaking. I've never seen anybody make guitar playing look so effortless, or play with so much passion. At one point, I was in tears as I watched him - a very emotional experience. It made every other gig I've ever been to seem stale in comparison.

Now, after seeing him live rather than just on a CD, I understand why they call him one of the greatest guitarists ever to have lived. My brain is still reeling over his right hand technique - truly phenomenal. It was like watching one person play while hearing someone else - I couldn't connect what his right hand seemed to be doing with what I was hearing.

I've been leaning more towards flamenco guitarists such as Lucia for my listening pleasure more and more in the last few years, but I get the feeling that, after last night ,the way I appreciate music in general has fundamentally changed forever. If you ever get the chance to speak to him, tell him to come back to Edinburgh again real soon!


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