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Just Changed the Bridge pup in my YJM Strat

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Took bout 40 min from start to finish.

The bridge pickup was a Dimarzio HS-3. I didnt like it at all clean or dirty it sucked ass!

After installation.....

First I played the new bridge pickup ( Dimarzio Fast Track 2) clean the the neck (YJM) clean
The tones really were nice. The bridge is no longer thin and weak sounding but now rather full and lush sounding!

With some mild over drive the FT-2 was WOW pretty damn hot! Not SUPER HOT like EMGs or even a Dimarzio Evolution but a nice amount gain with the second channel of my ENGL E530 preamp.
With MEGA gain it shines even more!!! Great sustain and tone! I really really like this pickup!!! The bridge really doesnt overpower the neck as much as you think it would plus the placement of the neck pup is generally louder so they are well balanced.
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That's great do you have any demo for us to listen to...
I wish. I do have protools rig! But its needing a $300 upgrade. And Im having a massive surgery on my left arm in less than a week and cant play for 2 months. So It will have to wait.
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