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Hi all,

I just got my first Ibanez! It's a 1996 SF420 made in Korea that will be a new project guitar.

imgur /nJQzY1h

It currently has a Wilkinson/Gotoh wraparound bridge that I wanted to replace with something else for this build. String spacing of the Wilkinson is 1-15/16" (49.21mm) and the other bridges I am looking at have a slightly wider spacing: 2-1/16" (52.4mm).

The neck is a Viper neck, and the specs are below.

Scale length

Width at nut

Width at last fret

Thickness at 1st fret

Thickness at 12th fret


So it looks like the slightly wider string spacing should fit the neck just fine, but knowing this information, do you think using the slightly wider spacing would work out just fine for me? It will definitely open up my possibilities as this is a more common measurement. The pole pieces in all of the bridges are the same, so no issues there.

Thank you!
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