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Krank Amps?

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are they as good as Dimebag made them sound?
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Well, Dimebag never used these on any recording. Not even on Damageplan. He used them live for a short while before his death, that's about it.

I like the Revolution One Series and the Chadwick is really good. The new Nineteen80 also sounds great.
I would steer clear of the Krankenstien though. Horrible sounding amp IMO.
Not really. They are way overpriced for their quality
Dimebag with good tone?
well i tried a revolution with matching cab and wasn't impressed. very gritty nasty buzy sound. I didn't play it too loud, it could sound different pushed, and i played a guitar in standard tuning so it could sound different when playing dropped.

either way they sound like a lot of the randalls i have played. The chadwich i played sounded like a grity dry version of a jcm 800 mixed with a plexi with a little more gain.
i remember one time really being impressed with the tone but another time I tried hard to get that same tone but I couldnt. I have played only on the original revs. I heard the cabs are sweet. I like the look. I liked the clean a lot but the last time I tried the lead sound I wasnt super impressed. I like my carvin better.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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