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I'm interested in passing my beloved Krankenstein on to a new owner who will love and cherish it as much as i do.

100 watts
2 channel with 3 master levels
jj tubes only 6 mo.s on re-tube.

Has been professionally modded with an extra f/x loop (for clean channel)

this is the original krankenstein not the plus which blows in my own opinion, this amp is great for more than death metal, but it is a professional amp and requires serious eq time to make it sing (not just a crank it a play like a 6505)

Had it for almost two years, i have had 2 other Kranks and this one impressed me more than the others combined.

Handle is in great shape and this thing is built like a tank.

Only a few very small scuffs.

I haven't "kranked it" in a while since i have no cabs here at the moment but it has been pampered and i assure you it will work perfectly... i may get a cab over here just o prove that.

I am interested in trades for other amp heads preferably 2-3 channel heads, med-high gain, things like Carvin V3's or Jcm 800's (no 5150's though)
I would also be willing to trade for the right guitar. just make an offer and we'll see.

I have around $1500 in it and i hate to lose it, but this amp deserves to be played loud and proud, not just sitting here quietly.

Price w/o trades is $1100 neg.

pictures upon request
e-mail me at [email protected] for the fastest response.
if you live near me then feel free to txt or call me @ 1-910-514-2802
i will respond in order of e-mails and remember i'm a negotiater not a retail store.
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