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Laney LC15R

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hello all. Just got a new laney lc15r today to replace my hunk of turd peavey. Just worried/pi55ed off about a few things. Firstly after a while the amp sounds like radio static like a loud whoosing sound, thats when its fairly cranked. secondly i have a digiverb im using in the fx loop and it was weird because it worked fine when i first tried it but later on whenever i turned the reverb on the pedal the tone from the amp was completely altered like it became really hollow. When i turned the pedal off the tone came back. Im also using a boss delay which works fine. any advice would be great cheers
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Sucks, sorry can't help you there just wanted to say that i hope the LC30 has the same problems cause i am saving to get one...
someone must own one of these i could do with some advice please.
I only heard good things about the LC15, maybe it's a problem with the R version.

As for the static, are you playing close to other electrical devices, is your amp plugged into a power-conditioning strip, are other appliances plugged into the same outlet?
I used to have an LC30R, and i never had the reverb problem-i just found it was very sensitive- 3/10 was the most reverb i ever needed, after that it became quite peculiar sounding. The whoosing static-i sometimes got it, sometimes didnt, usually when it was cranked past 7 (which was enough gain for pretty much every use). I just turned it off and on again, and it always seemed to disappear. Youve probably tried that though, so I'd go with pawel-it could be a wierd wiring in your house, or just the amp being to close to another power source.
the reverb is on a pedal not the amp reverb. its when its in the fx loop the pedal alters the tone. im sure its not the pedal cos i used it in my last amps fx loop and it was fine. the noise i get sounds more like a bloody gail, and it has like random pops going on, is there any chance that the stock valves need replacing?
I've got an LC15R as well, the random pop sounds are more than likely to be poor mains signal, you could try a decent hi fi mains lead from your local shop, make sure you give it a dem first though just incase it does'nt have the desired effect. It will improve tone on the amp because it did on mine but it might not kill all the noise. Also try just plugging the guitar straight into the amp to try and determine how much noise is being added by all those padals in the way of the signal. I've modded my amp with a jensen alnico P10R in replacement for the celestion tube 10 that it came with and some decent harma cryo valves which has absolutely transformed the amp, you might want to try these mods it has made mine sound really amazing. Have a look at www.watfordvalves.com for different options. good luck chaps
How are you powering the Digiverb? Those things eat batteries for lunch, and your symptoms sound like a dead battery sorta. If you are using a power supply, make sure it's not plugged in right next to the amp, I've gotten interference this way sometimes.
Come join us over at the two Laney forums:



I'm sure one of us over there can assist you. Hey Toshiro.
How about the LC30? Anybody has anything to say about them?
I've had an LC15R for a few years now. It is one of the first ones with the Sh***y HH Invader speaker, and have had no problems so far. Only changed tubes and speaker out of preference, they were not faulty. FX loop works fine, although I don't use it that much. I use an old zoom 707 infront of it with the amp set clean with gain at 1 and the volume at 7-8 and it sounds much better than both the price of the amp and the zoom would suggest. Pretty loud for its size too.
I heard that the overdrive channel can get pretty noisy. Is that true?
I changed the poor quality phono lead on my reverb box and it completely got rid of that weird noise, the wire must amplify the reverb. Now i have to have it on max
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