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Hey i wanted to know if anyone could tell me the difference between the GH100L and the VH100R. I know one is 2 channel and one is 1 channel but is the VH100r simply just the 2 channel version of the GH? Do they both have the same distortion channel tones?
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Does the VH100R have Reverb and the GH100L doesn't?
I forgot about that. Do their distortion channels achieve the same tone?
Read up! :)

The GH100L & GH50L are single channel master volume style heads with footswitchable gain. These amplifiers are capable of a huge variety of sounds, from sparkling clean through powerful crunch to full on monster tones and everything in between. If tone capable of turning people's heads at 100 yards is what you're after - look no further. As well as astounding tone these heads offer a valve-coupled effects loop and link jacks for slaving several heads together. The GH100L and GH50L feature ECC83 equipped preamps and 5881 output sections. The output sections can be retro fitted with EL34's and re-biased at the flick of a switch for the player who likes the tone to be typically British. The GH100L and the GH50L are pictured with the GS412IA and GS412IS cabinets - designed to enhance the amplifiers huge tonal range and produce stunning tone at any volume.

The VH100R features twin footswitchable channels each with its own footswitchable gain, independent 3 band EQ, independent reverb level and dedicated FX loop, giving you an unprecedented level of flexibility. You can now go from a super clean shimmer, to a warm clean crunch, to a stack style distortion to a full on lead tone as simply as stepping on a switch - which is included with the amp (FS4). The by word for the VH100R is flexibility - flexibility of tone and flexibility of use. In this day and age the modern guitar player has an arsenal of products available to them - from single stomp box effects to mighty racks. To cater for this level of choice the VH100R is fitted with five effects loops, each giving the player slightly different options when connecting external gear. There are side chain effects loops for channels A & B as well as one global to the entire pre amp. There is an insert loop, which can be run in three modes - Bypass, Side chain or Insert with a dedicated return level, and finally there is a Pre amp out/Power amp in loop.
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I know that the VH100R does have Reverb and two channels with foostswithable gain on both channels. The GH100L doesn't have Reverb, and only has one channel with footswitchable gain. The GH100L sounds like it has a more intense distortion which is good for metal, rock, jazz, and blues. Although it doesn't have Reverb, I'd go with the GH100L. Hope this helps! :D

Here's a demo of the Laney VH100R:

Here's a demo of the Laney GH100L:
the VH100R is basically the GH100/50L with reverb, more channels and more focused distortion, both are fantastic amplifiers in their own right, personally I will go with a GH50L, easier to get cranked tone with that than its 100 watt brothers
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