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Larry Lalonde

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How do you guys rate Ler as a guitar player with his stuff in Primus? being another one of satriani's students and all.

But also can anybody shed some insight into what the hell this guy is playing?
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I'd rate it as really cool.
Winona's Big Brown Beaver is top notch.

If you were talking about equipment, i'm pretty sure he's been proponent of Paul Reed Smith and Marshall/
Not sure what he plays now, but back in the day (early-mid 90s?) it looked like he was playing a modded 70s style Strat. Floyd Rose, locking nut, and a humbucker in the bridge, through a Marshall. Effects, I dont know. Definitely a wah in there though.

Im going from (hazy) memory from the 3 times I saw Primus live. I could be dead on, or way off!

I don't rate him at all. I've always felt that he really lets the band down and spoils most of the songs with those random solos.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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