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While I am restoring my 87 550, I have decided I may just drop my evos into it.

I don't want to reuse the original wiring harness though because I want to leave it as intact as I can to reinstall the original pickups if I decide to go back to stock one day.

That said, as a lefty I always run into an issue with the tone knobs set up.

I know that volume knobs can just be wired backwards because it has an even sweep.

However, the tone pots are just about useless wired backwards.

Does anyone here know what brand Ibanez used in the 80s?

And perhaps how they handled the lefty tone pots?

I have 3 of the golden era 550s and none of them feel like they are wired right handed and the tone knobs work as intended in just about any circumstance.

Would love some advise.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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