Items For Trade:

Hey all,
I have what I believe is an 87 Rg550, lefty. The only modifications is the bridge pickup has been replaced with a Guitar fetish hot paf. This was done long ago and I do not have the original. The guitar has been played. It has scratches and Knicks, the second fret has a minimal amount of wear, rest of the frets are fine. It's a nice example of an 80s Ibanez, and my original plan was to do a Hendrix type thing with it since I'm a righty. But I never converted it, seemed like a lot of work. Lol. So I'm wondering if there's any lefties out there, with a right handed guitar of the approximate same pedigree, that they would like to trade for this. I have more pics if interested. And don't mind the pink knobs and switch tip. I have the originals.