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The Legacy is sort of an "old school" amp.

For Vai like gain, you will need heavily modified Distortion before the amp, sometimes combined with a second stage boost (or nowadays prolly Jemini, but never tried it).
Now you need to crank the amps gain AND volume up quite a bit to get some power tube saturation and boost the whole rig with your distortion + booster/overdrive.

Now you are getting there gain wise, you will need lots of delay and reverb. I have tinkered quite a bit with my Glass Nexus to get a Vai'isch sound.

IMHO though the best way to get a Vai'isch tone is sadly to NOT buy a legacy.
Got a solid Vai sound with a Carvin V3 in modern setting of the Gain channel and EQX, quite a bit of mids and presence and the Glass Nexus in the loop. With the JEM sounds like 100% Vai.
1 - 1 of 81 Posts