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I bought this in May as an experiment because I wanted to do a like for like comparison with my Legacy 1. The amp is in as new condition & comes with a Cover & Footswitch.
To import one either direct from Carvin or thru one of the 2 UK dealers will cost you just over £1000 delivered.

The amp is done in one of the Custom colourings; "Buggy Whip Grey" The bias has also been warmed up using a bias probe to 36ma per tube.
Obviously it is the Euro 220V version

Why am I selling you ask? Well after trialling the amp I have decide that I prefer my old Legacy, as you can see from the Pics I also have an X100B re-issue & I just don't need 3 amps.
So if you don't wanna wait for a new one from Carvin and also want to save some money here you go!

I'm looking for around £800 + shipping costs but open to near offers if you want to PM me.
I will not sell for significantly lower than that so don't waste your time making a silly offer.

I also have the original shipping box, and the original purchase receipt for £1050 will also be included.

Below is a summary of some of my comments put up on the Carvin BBS which led me to come to this decision.
Also some pics.

Review summary:
I used a Switchbone pedal to run both amps at once & switch instantly between the 2 for comparison.
I started off by comparing the two as close as possible like for like by setting both on 100W and diming the MV on the Legacy II to get a fair comparison.

The volume levels when run like that are actually around the same which is good news as I guess as it means the new version has not lost any of its oomph!
The Volume differences between the 3 Legacy II wattage settings are certainly not that marked.
Surprising how much louder the Legacy II is than the X100B which is a lot quieter under any conditions in my opinion. (No bad thing actually!)

The Legacy II will definitely do bedroom volume & still sound good.

I tried comparing the 2 amps with the tone controls set on similar settings & the sounds produced were pretty similar.
The Master Volume does seem to work well & allows you to get good saturated tones at lower levels on the lead channel.

It could be just my ears but I would say I still prefer the clean channel on the Old version.

Obviously the comparison is not true like for like as the 2 amps have different tubes, The Legacy II has EH tubes whereas my Old Legacy has Tungsol EL34B's.

So I guess as a conclusion for anyone looking to buy a Legacy the Legacy II is definitely the amp to go for, purely because of it's versatility & the Master Volume but I would say that if you already have the old Legacy I would not bother to sell it to buy the Legacy II as the differences don't warrant it I reckon.
The 3rd Channel is not really a 3rd Channel at all but just a boost on the clean channel and using a pedal with the Old Legacy will certainly get you those tones.

One more thing....It's certainly a lot quieter from a hum & noise perspective than the Old Legacy. However the reverb was generally the cause of most of the hum in the Legacy 1 & the Legacy II has no reverb.

To be honest I always loved the stock lead tone of the original Legacy, I even like it with the volume on less than 1 as well although obviously it sounds different from the cranked tone.

But I would definitely still say that apart from the Volume issue I still can't see too many advantages in having the Legacy II over the Legacy 1, also the price difference is quite substantial.

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