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Let me know what you think of my new HEAVEN SWIRL!

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Yeah: heaven swirl.
This was an near mint Saber540 that i bought two months ago.
Including the Awesome Original Ibanez BackStop but the ugly brown-ish original finish:

This new swirl makes me 110% happier now!!!
Dont forget i've got PEARL CLEAR COAT to this!!!
Your comments are very welcome. ;)

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those are some nice swirls! Haven't seen any of those swirls around ever!

Cut those strings!
That blue swirl is one of the nicesest I've ever seen.
I like them all,,but the blue....just makes me want to lick it!

Great Job!!
Maybe some of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Nice work! :D

Nice! The others are also very good! :D Great work!
The blue heaven swirl is great - its nice to see a swirl on a non UV/Jem/RG style body

I love the orange and green Jem too
The blue swirl is very awesome, but I think that you should've swirled the pickups while you were at it or atleast changed them to a color other than black. But other than that, definitely one of the best swirls I've ever seen.
Ozzdoc said:
Cut those strings!
Very pretty Tubarao, I really like that one alot! Its on a very cool guitar though as well which helps. I was a never a huge swirl fan to be honest, but some swirls lately have really taken my fancy.

And as Ozzdoc said, cut those strings back, lol.
I think I told you to do that on your Universe too, lol.
WOW, thank you everyone!
I'm really happy with that new swirl.
About the ballends, like i said on previous threads, i NEVER cut'em!
It's like some long hair... LOL!
Tubarão ;)
guitardevil2005 said:
how much do u charge?
Hey, dude: they're not for sale, since they're all mine and offering services here is AGAINST FORUM RULES.
Anyway, i just only offer my swirl work to brazilian friends of mine.
Maybe in a year or two...
Thank you for your interest and support.
woulda been sweeter if you didnt have the baltimore ravens hat on (still pissed about art modell moving the browns). just kiddin tho.

really amazing paint job, truly.
1 - 20 of 61 Posts
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