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I have one of these, and I will not use it anymore because I'm getting a recording system(Boss Br-600). Its great. What you can do is plug your guitar into your amp, then connect the headphones slot into your USB slot on your computer. OR you can Plug your guitar straight into you computer.
so its like:

Guitar<Regular Cable>Amp(input)
<Headphones/recording outs><Lightsnake USB cable><Usb slot on computer>


Guitar<Lightsnake USB Cable><Usb slot on computer>

I do not have the Original Box for this, but I might have the manual. Nothing is wrong with it. Each side of the cable has gold tips, and when you plug it in it lights up green(the ends, not tips)
Learn about it here(also download the manual):

I am selling it for 30$ shipped. It normally goes for 40$ plus shipping. Thanks guys. Payment only through paypal. Shipping only to the USA.
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