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Item for sale:

Line 6 Flextone III PLUS guitar modelling amp (This is my friends amp that i am selling for)

Also included is a FBV2 footpedal to switch between different modes and a cover bag to cover the amp in when it is not played

Description & Condition:

One extremely mint condition, only been played no more than 24 hours. Footpedal and cover bag also in mint. Everything has no scratches or dents, rips nor tears.

All cables such as footpedal cable and amp mains cable is included
Manual is also included which is mint also.

Also included is the original Line 6 Flextone III box that the amp got delivered in which also has no tears.

Amp only been bought for 3-4 months and my friend got tired of guitar playing and is moving onto drummer therefore this amp must go.

Check out http://www.line6.com/flextoneiii/features.htm for a list of features and what amp models and cabinets can be achieved with this great amp!

This amp can get a very very close mesa boogie rectrifier sound to a marshall JCM sound. Very versatile sound indeed.

Asking Price:


PLUS £20 if you like me to send it out via parcelforce OR can come and collect the amp saving you £20.

My Location:

South West London, UK

(10-15 mins away from Heathrow airport)

Just follow the M25

Other Information

UK sale only!
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