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Locking Stud Mod!!!

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On Ibanezrules.com It goes into detail about the locking stud mod and how to install it and everything, I am getting a rg2550egk and want to install it on that edge pro but being 15 and my dad never touching a guitar we can't completely understand the explanation of everything.

Mostly we couldn't figure out does the kit include EVERYTHING needed to do the mod?

And if anyone has time to explain a little further the installation that would be cool, if not thanks for looking and considering the question.
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No, you supply your own screwdriver and pliers ;)
O OK we got that, we got ALOT of that, thanks we'll probably order a kit in the next few days

If you know how to set bridge height than it is pretty easy.

The thing that Rich may not make clear is everything does not need to be overly tight when you do the mod.
yea not sure how to set the bridge height, and actually the not overly tight thing is one of the only things i got
Rich is going to send you 2 locking studs, the bottoms for the insert in case your are open and 2 L-keys ( small and big ). the new locking stud has a kinda of screw in the middle which you can turn with your Small L-key but before you do that make sure you got the bridge they way you like it. when you turn the screw of the stud down it will lock in to place not allowing the stud to move. this way general information tell your dad the purpose of the mod is that the new locking stud has that screw in the middle that connects with the bottom of the insert to lock it.
Nothing is locked into place until you use the 4mm wrench to take the slop out of the threads. That goes for a locking stud mod in an Edge Pro and well as a regular Edge or Lo Pro.
It's as self explanatory as I can make it. The stud isn't locked until the slop is taken out of the threads.
ooo slop sorry i thought it said slope and i was thinking i was gonna have to have a grinder or something

I understand that, i just misread sorry
Also Rich, it says on your site remove the bridge as detailed here, but my computer doesn't go anywhere when i click it, where is it supposed to go?

That's been online for 2 years and you're the first to tell me the link was broken!
Aight that's cool, wow with those pictures, i don't think anybody can go wrong with trem removal, yea i really figured somebody would have noticed it but glad i could help.

Also when you say threads do u mean like groves on the screw, or will once i see it will i know what you mean,you mentioned threads in your explanation with the slop.. sorry about all the questions i just really want to get this right.
Aight man well thanks for all the help
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