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Ok I've had a week of reflection on the events of that weekend but not much time to post.
Simon is much better with words than me but I'll start.

I meet Simon (Cerealk) and go and dump my stuff my non-ibanez guitar, overnight bag etc
Then we head down to the Intrepid Fox. It should now be in a tourist book for being the
meeting place for Jemsite folk. I must admit I like the place. Rocktastic!
A few pints later and we head to se Vai. Pete's trying to work his just out the box camera
and dosen't want to read the instructions coz that just ain't done.

So we meet Pete's friend (Sorry dude I forget your name) and head back to another pub. As
the queue is still massive to get in and Sardinas has already started.

Now as we're walking around the front a guy gives me a flyer and it's a freakin g*y
pass. Now I'm not g*y
and I  don't even think I look ***. Re-read that last line again,
I'm serious, do it. Ok so what's a non g*y
guy who dosent have a g*y
walk getting flyers
for a g*y
club. Well the obvious fact number one is it's London, anything goes. We then
draw our attention to the Billboard outside the Astoria " g*y
Camp Attack". Not good for Vai
But it explains things.

Ok afterwards we hang around and eventually see Vai. The thing is although I'm grateful to
Pete so I have a piccy with us with Dr.Vai what do you say to the guy (Vai that is)
"Um I really dig your music man!" What I actually said was just "It's a pleasure to meet you"
Shook the hand of God and Simon took a picture. Good enough for me.

Simon had gave Dave Weiner a t-shirt to get signed and seen in the other thread and gave
another to Thomas Steves guitar tech and one to give to Vai.

Now this isn't in chronalogical order. We meet Dave first as he's checkin out the mob probably
for Vai then Thomas.

Talking to Thomas about the new Blue Jem as Simon posted he mentioned it's got an ebony
fretboard and a sparkle finish.
Also the guitar used in the show for Bad Horsie had it's neck replaced the previous day for
the one with the LEDs. Also it's got a chrome top and the rest of it was black.
Honestly I thought that it was a 90th  from where I was standing.He also mentioned that there
was a possibility of a Jem with a sustainer and a HEX pickup but no mention of colour or neck
inlays. He got called away at that point so we couldn't get anymore info from him.

That's basically it for the night of the gig. During the show which was being video'ed for a
DVD release if I'm not mistaken Vai Made a HUGE mistake at the beginning of Liberty so stopped
and restarted. Also he broke a string during Bad Horsie and the chromy Jem was replaced by a
7Wh .

8th Dec
This was meant to be a mini Jemfest Jam but unforseen circumstances meant Pete, James and Steve
other wise known as Welshpete 7 dyin trees and Rip3ly couldn't make it.

So anyway we go and jam. My lack of playing in a band senario showed but I thought I done OK
considering. I soloed that much I ran out of licks. And that was just the first song.

Now for the night time excursion. We ordered an Indian meal back at Simons. Now having done
this plenty of times in the past knew that although I like vindaloos it's not good before
going drinking out.

So it's back to the Intrepid Fox for a couple then to Garlic. This time I didn't partake in
the bloodshots. We (Simon, John and myself)  met James (7 dying trees) in there. It was his
birthday. We also met a freind of Simons, Celia and her friend Lynn.
Now I have to say Lynn is georgeous but attached. Damn!!

Garlic is a very strange place. It's a very quite restaraunt but down stairs it's this small
bar playing excellent music. Any place that plays BLS is excellent in my book.

So we head off to a cool club called Gossips.
We meet Herman as well in there. His ban have had to change their name to Dragonforce.

What can I say about Gossips, good music,good company, nice women, free sex shows. Great.

We found a spot to sit down in but there was already a couple in it. It was a big space but
then they REALLY started going for it. Now you have James, Simon, John, Herman, Myself, Celia
and the lovely Lynn sitting here and in the blue corner we have a couple where the girl is
whacking this guy off. Unbelieveable

We were going to go back to James's but he was looking rough, plus he dissappeared at closing
time. Just as well, my train home was at 10:30 am an I nearly didn't make it as it was, We had
a South Park marathon both nights

I'll let Simon add to this. But it was a good night out.

Yet again I'll say that Simon is a great guy. He let me stay in his spare room let me solo
regardless in the jam.

Thanks Simon, I respect your Authorita lol
Note:- that Liquid Tension CD was actually quite good I'll need to look out for it.

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London 7th Dec Vai gig

Yeah it was a funny/alcoholic few days!
A work friend of mine said to me on Monday morning 'jesus Simon-looks like you havent slept in four days!
LOL how right she was!

My friend was called Celene btw

Jerry (jerrye) and Guy (guycool) also couldnt make the jam due to prior engagements. Next time guys yeah? :)

Gossips is a great nightclub which sometimes has lots of strange people in it.
As for our free sex show couple it wouldnt be so bad except that he was an ugly ginger tosser and she was a bit rough too!
Funnily enough as she was leaving the club she snogged another girl which was a nice touch !!!!!

According to Celene and Lynn there wasnt really much in the trouser department to write home about!
but still he did get a hand job in a crowded nightclub...

Other highlights included a girl with a red spray-on PVC dress with a fantastically buxom body!
Lots of long haired women in tight tops and mini skirts....ah ROCK AND ROLL!!
On the downside...some girls should wear PVC catsuits and some girls should not. Unfortunately for us there was a girl in one and some of the bulges really shouldnt have been there!! LOL

and as for the South Park marathons....

screw you guys, I'm a goin home ;)

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Lol, you guys know herman from dragonforce?! Ive bumped into him a couple times too, gotta love that hair.
Also seen the keyboard player Vadim a few times, he goes to kinda alternative rock club called 'the dome' near camden, good old london, everyone seems to end up in the same places... :roll:

Keep up the drinking, and the south park, and of course the jam sessions.

Rob 8O
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