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Hi guys. First post.

Sorry to be so mercenary with that first post but I need a Jem before I can become one you :)

So with that said, I am looking to buy a Jem. I have been a Jackson man for years [And still am, I have a KV2 and a WR1] I also have an RG550.

I am located in Birmingham UK and ideally I am looking for somebody in the UK to purchase from, just for convenience sake although I will consider international folks too.

Ideally I'm after a 7VWH, 7VBSL, 777VBK, JEM10 or custom. A 7DBK for a good price is also possible.

If you have anything to offer please email me @ [email protected] at weekends or [email protected] on weekdays.

Thank you for your time guys.
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