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Hi guys,
I've decided to buy myself a birthday present. A Jem!!

I'm pretty open to anything as long as it has the earlier Jem specs, It's cool if the body is a little banged up as long as the neck is good (no dings) and the everything functions as it's supposed to.

I'd prefer guitars with

The bigger feeling necks
PAf pro's and bigger feel.
basswood body

77 Floral Neck

Feel free to P.m. me or email at [email protected]


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Hey Paul, I have a Root Beer I got from Rich @ Ibanez Rules. This is the guitar, it's still listed on his site: http://www.ibanezrules.com/images/used_index/jem7rb_2/

I would take $1k for it, (I'm in Kennesaw, GA so you could pick it up) and it's set up with 9s from the man himself, Rich. Still has the same strings on it from when I got it.

Here is what Rich said about it on his site: "Good condition 87, there isn't enough space to list all the condition points so I'll draw the broad strokes and let the close up's fill in the rest. The worst of it would be a 2" long series of small chips and dings on the top front edge, a 2" long narrow just edge chip on the front lower edge, and the back bottom edge has a lot of small dings and chips along the whole edge. In addition there are scratches and finish cracks but these near natural looking trans finish guitars never really show off damage well and usually look better than they are [especially when buying from a couple pictures]. There's a couple long edge chips to the top edge of the headstock and the tip has it's share also. The pickups have been switched to a 59NJ neck and JBJ bridge and an addition pot installed between the vol and tone, all 3 pots switched to push switch but I have no idea right now what they do. There was a handrest so the trem is in great shape except for the typical wear to the exposed tops of the saddles when the rest is on. Medium fretwear on a very nice but dirty neck, NJFC's including a long one bass side, and a "with grain" ½" fissure running from the treble side nut mount hole, not between the holes and these are never anything to worry about.* $1175 AS IS** GONE** THANKS KEVIN** 1/14/07"
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