Not expecting much here as these are pretty rare, but just wanted to put a standing "WTB order" in for anyone selling a JCRG-3VV, RG8527 (aka JCRG7-1), RG7CT, or RG3120VV. I love me some vintage violin :D I really can't get enough of that finish. Have lots of high-end Ibanez guitars if a trade is your thing, or if I happen to have something you're really after.

Also, I'm aware of the JCRG3VV on ebay. While I'm not 100%, it does look exactly the same as the one I owned back in 2004 (same case damage too), that one had a neck that was irreparably back bowed, not only that, but the dude doesn't even respond to messages about it, really sketchy.

Anyway, not hurting for anything specific, but considering I lost an RG8527VV recently (won the auction but the seller decided to keep it and refunded me/cancelled my winning bid) I thought it was worth posting something up here :)