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Looking into buying a modeling amp...

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at buying a new amp. All I've had is a 10W Ibanez GTA10. I've wnated an amp that'll be capable of a bunch of stuff, and not high maintenence liek a tube amp, so I'm looking into modeling amps.

Here's what I'm looking at more closely, and my thoughts on them:

Line 6 Spider III 75 - I've played on one of these and they're great, but my friend owns one so it would be kind of pointless for me to go buy one when I could always borrow his if I need to! :D

Peavey Vypyr - Played a little on one of the 15W models but I'd be looking for a larger one. I heard these were excellent but I looked into them and they seem so dang complicated to use! I need something I can have ready at the turn of a control knob, not somethign that takes me 2 minutes to figure out on stage.

Ibanez MiMx 65W - I must say this is the one that's grabbing my attention. I've heard the sound samples and they're great. It seems to cover what I need and it's simple to use (much easier than the Vypyr). And as a bonus it looks awesome. It's my favourite so far but obviously I won't make a decision until I've tried it properly for myself.

So if anyone can offer me opinions on these three amps, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if there are any good ones I've missed, please let me know, but include WHY they're good!

Thanks in advance!
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I may have failed to mentio nthat this modellign amp will most definitely be seeign use live very frequently. My friend is already using his Line 6 Spider III there and it's doing fine.

A 5-watt Blackstar might not have what it takes to handle live gigging... not too sure lol. :D

And I tried out the Vypyr for 2 hours and if there were massively different sounds available, I couldn't find any. Also, the amp seems far to complicated to switch between sounds live.
I've been using a Line 6 Spider 75 this week for a couple of small gigs and on the whole it's been fine. It does tend to be a little directional and competing with a Randall heac/cab had to be cranked pretty high. Did a good job and was easily workable though and i was complemented on a nice sound.

My advice is to take your time and try as many as possible, there's a world of stuff out there and you're guaranteed to find something which you love. Borrow something short term and shop around as much as possible. Also remember that the sound practicing will be different to playing live somewhere and your miking skills will be tested! I like my little 6 and it's worked well for little cash but will definately upgrade to something more serious as funds allow. Cheap Mesa anyone???!!
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