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Magnets; beware

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A friend sent this to me....tempting, but maybe not. will things fly at you like in the cartoons? maybe not. maybe in your jem for killer tone!!! FOR MONTHS!!! :)

Our Most Powerful Magnets

1.5 times stronger than our previous Supermagnets.

If you really need unbelievably powerful magnets, here they are.
Uses include magnetic steering of nuclear particles in homemade accelerators, levitation devices, magnetic beam amplifiers, scrap iron separators, etc.
Beware - you must think ahead when moving these magnets.
If carrying one into another room, carefully plan the route you will be taking. Computers & monitors will be affected in an entire room. Loose metallic objects and other magnets may become airborne and fly considerable distances - and at great speed - to attach themselves to this magnet. If you get caught in between the two, you can get injured.
Two of these magnets close together can create an almost unbelievable magnetic field that can be very dangerous. Of all the unique items we offer for sale, we consider these two items the most dangerous of all. Our normal packing & shipping personnel refuse to package these magnets - our engineers have to do it. This is no joke and we cannot stress it strongly enough - that you must be extremely careful - and know what you're doing with these magnets. Take Note: Two of the 3" x 1" disc magnets can very easily break your arm if they get out of control.
Axially Magnetized (the top & bottom flat faces are the north & south poles).
We can only ship these magnets by ground UPS - they cannot be shipped via air as it will interfere with the aircraft's navigational equipment.

These magnets are rated at Grade N45 - the most powerful there is.
Ni-Cu-Ni Plated with Matte finish.

2" x 1" Supermagnet Disc (pack of 1): $75.00
3" x 1" Supermagnet Disc (pack of 1): $100.

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Well....hopefully there isnt much metal in the Vader outfit.......maybe we'll find you stuck to the closet dorr or something:lol:
HAHAHA its so tempting to get one!! those sound awesome!!
i'm very tempted. i'm sure a dozen or so would have to qualify you for some form of superhero. yeah, the vader costume would have to take a backseat around these. :)
These are serious mags. I have a couple 3" x 1/2" x 1/4" or so neodymiums (and I don't think they're N45) for remagging pickup alnicos. They're stuck to a metal file cabinet and even at that size they are HARD to pull off!

I have 1/16" thick ones that I got for a polepiece experiment, and even THOSE kick. Better fridge mags than ceramics 5x the size. ;)
I saw this posted, er, somewhere.
Gallery of things that flew into the MRI machine:
jester, so how "dangerous" are these then. if you held one, knives wouldn't fly at you from across the room? hehe. maybe you could walk through best buy's pc section and format all the hard drives with a single pass. :)
Well, I've never held a neodymium bigger than my rechargers, so I dunno. I know that the 2 I have will fly together from a few inches apart with enough force to pinch and break skin. One of THAT size might well cause small objects to fly, but I doubt a knife would beyond a few feet. Still, you gotta be careful with these. I've been pinched by my little ones, leaving a bruise.

The mag in a hard drive is a neodymium about the size of my recharger, and that doesn't kill the data, so I doubt even these would do it just walking by. But if you held one against the side of the PC, it might just do that. I know mine kill bank cards... ;)
The magnets in hard drives are plenty strong enough to smash your fingers hard. We have some at work we've been playing with -- drew some blood from unsuspecting victims. But they work in the hard drive because they are on a backing plate which makes the magnetic field extremely directional. They provide a strong field for the read head to get quick seek times, but do not wipe out your data, since the field does not extend in that direction. Stick the magnet to your file cabinet and it is a chore to get off.

That big one would be a real problem -- you wouldn't find anywhere to keep it. Just keep it away from your TVs, monitors, your watch, your iPod, etc., and your guitar pickups (unless you are looking for a permanent change in tone).
I bet these are a laugh a minute in the post office while they're shipping ;)
yeah me too Would want to have that magnet :mrgreen:
It took me about 5 minutes on Google to find N50 magnets, but I also read the difference between N45 and N50 was about 5%, so it's a bit of a push. It might be nice to keep a phone book stuck on the fridge ;)
Oh joy...throw one on top of the garage and you can park your car on the ceiling :-s
That could make a great metal detector at beaches. You could eliminate that annoying digging process by just having items ripped out of the sand.
I wonder if I could stick the wife to the fridge with one?
Armitage said:
I wonder if I could stick the wife to the fridge with one?
Here babe....try on this new Metal warrior-ette bra for Christmas:D
jim777 said:
It might be nice to keep a phone book stuck on the fridge ;)
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