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Man…They are practically out of Everything RG

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I was looking at online sellers today. I checked AMS. I looked at every model in the RG line, GIO through J Custom. Out of all the guitars that are RG’s, they only have 14 total RG’s in stock in the warehouse.

There will be few more available by the end of October. But many aren’t due until November and a couple of them won’t be available until January or April of 2022.

Has anybody else noticed this seems to be the case for just about everyone. GC has a lot of stuff on back order as well. Reverb doesn’t seem to have a whole lot either, new or used.

I have 2 guitars due to arrive next week. I have an S570AH and an AZES31 on the way. I’ve already been waiting over a week for one of them. Free 2 day shipping my ass lol.

Selection sucks and so does shipping right now.

When I was at the local Guitar Center yesterday, the place was practically wiped out. I went in to sell a Squier SE, and they paid me what I paid for it, left hand model. I looked and they had nothing that I wanted, either for myself or my grand kids for XMAS. There were less than 50 guitars on the guitar wall, and about 10 basses on the bass wall.

And the amps were no better. All solid state beginner amps, with the exception of a used Marshall DSL 100. Glad I got the guitars I bought when I did.
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I recently heard about supply chain issues on the news, might be related: NY Times Article

Strange effects of the supply chain/manufacturing issues... My daughter bought a slightly used Corolla a few years ago for $13.5k or so, was in an accident (she's ok) and the car was totaled. They valued it at $15k now! So she made out ok on the deal, but now has to find another used car in a sky high market.
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