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I was looking for a new pedalboard for my home studio, something that would be functional, yet appealing visually for recording gear demo videos. This pedalboard had to be something more than metal framing or a basic structure, but of higher quality (and not something built in a foreign country with a North American logo added to it). My search began with a list of Canadian companies, although I have nothing against American brands (FYI, for Americans and the current exchange rate of 1.3 USD to 1 Canadian dollar, and with free shipping on orders over $250, you may want to check out Maple Rock Pedalboards!). Of those I investigated, the standards and hand-constructed quality of Maple Rock Pedalboards was an obvious choice.

Maple Rock Pedalboards is a young, yet strong company out of Acton Ontario (it could take a few weeks to get your build based on demand) that also makes flight cases, road cases, pedalboards with lids and certainly custom pedalboards, cabling and installs to fit very specific needs. The company has various styles or models on its site, but I liked the 'Standard Series' design best. Available in various sizes, from 9x20 inches and up to 16x30 inches, I choose the largest model, since I have so many pedals and tend to do a lot of arranging of the board while filming demos. The specs for this board include:

• Built with 5/8" Baltic Birch frame
• 21 Tolex Finishes from which to choose (I went with classic Tweed)
• Cable Access Slotted for all ¼-inch and power cables
• Velcro carpet top
• IEC power input plug
• 2 Locking IN/OUT jacks wired with leads (I went with Stereo outputs, since some pedals I demo have a stereo option)
• Choice of nickel or black hardware (I went with nickel)
• Choice of nickel or black rack mount handles (nickel)
• The underside is painted flat black
• Non slip rubber feet
• 1 YEAR - Limited Warranty

There were other options as well, including having a built-in FX-Loop, MIDI input/output, Power Wire Harness to keep the underside wiring organized and from dragging on the floor, a built-in Signal Buffer, and also Voodoo Lab power units.

The quality of construction is fantastic; you can feel it when lifting the board (solid, but not overly heavy) or touching any of the features. The locking input/outputs are a great feature (for those with careless feet), as well as the ability to run all cables from under the board. The attention to detail certainly produces a feeling of pride in owning a Maple Rock Pedalboard; and it doesn't hurt that it's a Canadian company. I also should add that the quality of service was unbelievable, from regular email updates and speed of service (both in construction and shipping).
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