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mark IV question

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those of you that are familiar with the Mark IV. I have the long head and it has a metal box that comes through the bottom of the amp casing. I believe it is the reverb box, i haven't spent enough time fiddling with it to figure out everyhting baout it.. i've just been jamming through it and loving it.. anyway. I'm about order a head/rack ata case where the head will be left in the case during play. it will also fit snug within it's compartment; so snug that i will probably have to take the feat off the amp in order to get it in there. Can this box that is comign through the bottom jsut sit into the foam without problems, or should i have the case builder channel out the foam where that box will hit?? please help. going to order soon.

here is a pic of the style of case i'm getting:

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So is your amp going to go in the bottom part of that case? (because you said it's the long head) If I understand you correctly, you're asking if you take the feet off, then the reverb tank (yes that's the reverb tank you're asking about) will be touching the foam directly instead of "hanging" like it is now. As I remember on my MKII, it's only hanging by about 3/16". That should be fine. It will compress the foam a little, and the majority of the weight will be on the wood part. But if it's more than that, then have him cut a section out for it so it hangs freely. The other alternative is to put some rubber washers around the tank's screws, in between the tank and the chassis, to raise it up a little until it's flush with the chassis bottom. You should have room in there. I think the only reason Boogie hangs them below the surface is because that's just the size they are. They don't have room to mount them upwards, so they cut the chassis and flipped them over. But they could have put little filler strips (or washers) in there to raise it up.

Maybe there's some Boogie mystery as to why it hangs out the chassis, but I think it's more of a "the trunk won't close with that stuff in there, so we had to use bungee cords to tie it down" :)

Remember, Boogies run hot. Does he have a ventilation fan option? If not, that might be your first "custom mod".
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yeah the head goes in the bottom section. they are going to cut a channel for the reverb tank. and i already had the fans in mind :)... should be a cool case. they have great testimonials.
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