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Item for sale:Mark Tremmonti Power wah (black switchless wah with an additional 12db boost. 9v or adaptor powered.

Description & Condition:Wah is in Mint condition, item is only a few months old 8/05. Wah has been played less than 5x no defects,scratches,dents item is pristine.

Asking Price: *DO NOT LEAVE BLANK IF FORSALE*This will be my last attempt to sell item here so I am asking $95 shipping and insurance is included at my expense.

My Location:Harlingen, Texas

Terms of Sale/Purchase:US sales only no oversees or Canada. Purchase can be made by money order, or certified bank check.

Other Information:Will ship in original case will all papers and shipped at my expense to you at no cost insured. A very nice wah, suited for rock, metal and has a nice long sweep. Please contact me if interested.
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