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Hello there Jemsiters, musicians and listeners and both (kinda redundat isn't it). Well Here's my question. Why the heck the tech support on marshall website doesnt works it asks me for a continent, then a region, then a country, to find a dealer it says then it gets forzen, no email adress nuthin'

The probrlem is whith an Mg100 DFX, i mistaken inputs/outputs at night and confused the line out/emulated headphones with the CD input (used them in reversal) Does this damage the amp at all.

P.D. U can get all the techy u want. Plz if can better do it!!!!
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Yeah, I just tried it and found something similar. Try typing a city name in the top Search bar, and it comes up with the appropriate info. Changing the bottom Region bar seems to make a difference, as I found cities in the wrong region.
Either someone at Marshall hasn't done their Geography homework, or the site itself leaves something to be desired.
Not too sure about the amp problem though, as I'm ALWAYS paranoid about incorrect connections and have managed to avoid it so far!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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