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Hey all,

I just received a Graphtech TUSQ saddle this week to swap out the bone one in my Martin D-28. I spent a couple of hours Saturday sanding it down to the height of my original bone saddle and sanded the side till it fit snug in the saddle cavity.

Restrung the guitar and it plays beautifully still and the intonation was bang on.

Problem is now I plug it into a PA the D, G, strings have a great loss of volume while the rest are loud and boomy.

I spent another couple hours today removing the bridge saddle and comparing it to my bone one to ensure I hadn't done something wrong, ensuring the bottom was flat and straight. I checked the pickup to and it's fine (LR Bags Element UST). I even put the bone saddle back and the guitar sounded fine, all strings were equal volume and balanced. Then I placed the TUSQ saddle back in again with the same results originally... the D and G strings were dull with a decrease in volume compared to the rest of the strings.

Has anyone ever encountered this?

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